About Beaded Bracelets

Made by Mel is an online store that focuses on providing the best quality bracelets for both men and women. Style is a big part of who I am and while I love the intricacy of many jewels and beaded bracelets out there, I like to focus on what’s simple, original and most importantly, fashionable!

I like to live by the phrase ”less is more” and I believe that every single one of the bracelets I have made has that phrase written all over it. It’s important to remember however, that in the fashion world, simple does not have to be boring and that’s why I do what I do. I love creating bracelets that demand attention with its uniqueness and simplicity. Try wearing any of my bracelets without being complimented all day long.

Custom beaded Bracelets

I started Made by Mel about 4 years ago. It all began with one string of beads and a couple of different charms I randomly purchased from Ebay. To be completely honest, I have no idea why those were the products I decided to buy but I thank the heavens that I did.

It all started so naturally, I didn’t get that “Eureka” moment right away. It’s not like I immediately realized that this was my talent and most importantly my passion. It has taken me some time to get there and it is after every new design that I realize it more and more.

I always liked sharing the designs I made on my social media, Instagram being the main platform. I received many compliments on my designs and it was after a few comments of friends asking me to purchase them that I decided to take on a new and exciting challenge.

Bracelets and Charms Tips

It was then, 4 years ago that Made by Mel officially opened. I always knew I wanted to focus on simplicity but not when it came to my store name. I wanted something more fun and clever than Made by Mel, something that people could relate to and speak of. But that name never came and the truth is, I have never been more in love with my store name. 

So yes, I am Mel, and I make bracelets.

Stringing beads together became like an addiction and every new design would make me so proud. I loved seeing girls wearing my bracelets, it was and still is so rewarding.

I figured I shouldn’t limit my designs to just women especially after my male friends started complaining about my so called “discrimination” against their gender.

I began designing bracelets for men and then the game changed. I fell in love with the darker tones and the different beads and charms I started to use for these designs.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I pride myself in using the best quality materials. I love using beads made out of meaningful stones like rose quartz or black onyx. They tend to give my bracelets that extra magical touch.

Natural stones and quartz are very unpredictable. There may always be variations from bead to bead which I love to call imperfect perfection. There is great beauty in this uniqueness and I believe it describes us as the humans we are. Flaws and all we are all imperfect in the most perfect way.

Information On Handmade Bracelets

Made by Mel continues to grow and continues to create. My goal is for you to find your new favorite bracelet in my designs and to have that bracelet describe your uniqueness.

Beads are a crazy amount of fun to play with and I enjoy making beaded bracelets so so much, but if you haven’t realized it by now … I kind of like new challenges. This is where my newest collection comes into play. My “Threads” collection was released not long ago after mixing threads, beads and charms together to come up with the cutest, most colorful, and lively bracelets you could find. This is a collection that I am sure will win the hearts of many and will continue to grow and make its appearance with many new and stylish designs.

So if you enjoy simple and unique bracelets that radiate laid back elegance then you may want to stick around to find out what comes next from Made by Mel, you might just thank me later!