Discount Beaded Bracelets

As a lover of all things fashion, I understand that trendy should not mean expensive. Why should we pay a small fortune for nice clothes or nice bracelets and necklaces? We want to look good but we do not want to spend a small fortune doing it That's why we are here, to show you that it is possible to be fun and trendy with your styles without breaking the bank. Our beaded bracelets are the simplest way to dress up your outfits and look awesome.

Boho Bracelets

Here at Made by Mel we absolutely love matching. I mean who doesn't? Our handmade beaded bracelets are the perfect matching gift for you and your best friend, your siblings, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or just anybody you love! There is something special about wearing matching bracelets. Not only do you remember the other person when you look down at your wrist but you can give it any meaning you want to. Just picture it, a small box with a beautiful bracelet and a kindhearted note inside... wins anybody's heart. Let our charm beaded bracelets do that for you. 

His and Her necklaces and Bracelets

Just like we believe in affordable prices, we also believe in great quality. We take great pride in providing the best materials we can find when it comes to our charms, beads, and even down to the elastic that strings our beads together. We want you to find your new favorite bracelet here and we want you to have the quality bracelets you deserve. So shop around and spoil yourself a little or go ahead and spoil those special people in your life.

Matching Bracelets