Matching Bracelets

Unique jewelry is so important to me. I believe our clothes and jewelry should match who we are and that is unique individuals. We were not made for cookie-cutter clothes & jewelry which is why Made by Mel focuses on creating pieces that are trendy and fashionable while still focusing on the uniqueness of each piece. I like to say that my designs are for those that seek originality and look to break away from the crowd.

Personalized charms and Bracelets

I like to be able to provide people the beads and charms that speak to them individually and that represent their uniqueness well. Not only are the bracelets unique but each story behinds it mean so much as well. The "Follow your butterflies" bracelet for example, this bracelet is so perfect for those that are out there doing what they love and following their dreams and passions. We often stray away from our dreams because we feel it is not the "right" choice, because we must stick to what society tells us is okay. It is those that choose to follow their butterflies and pursue their dreams that are truly happy. It's so important to remember that we must be fearless in the pursuit of our dreams and the "Follow your butterflies" bracelets reminds us to do just that.

Custom Jewelry

Beaded bracelets are a beautiful way to accessorize and to add a spark to our styles but when they are made with love and when they have meaningful stories behind them, they can be so much more! That's why Made by Mel is here, to inspire the uninspired and to make them look great while doing it.

Unique Charms and Bracelets