Women Bracelets

Women Beaded Bracelets

Since day one Made by Mel has focused on creating modern beaded bracelets while maintaining a laid back elegant style. Ever since,I have continued to create and improve Made by Mel’s designs to fit any style for any occasion. Each and every bead and charm tell a different story which creates the opportunity for any person to find a bracelet that represents or relates to them.

Bracelets for Women

As women we like to style our jewelry to the occasion. Made by Mel gives us the opportunity to find the perfect piece of jewelry to do just that. Whether it be in the office, at the beach or a casual Sunday Funday, we offer a wide selection of bracelets to fit the occasion. A personal favorite of mine, the Pineapple bracelet, is the perfect piece for a casual brunch with the girls. On the other hand, the My Princess bracelet is another popular piece for a special date night with your loved one. I personally love to see the different styles my bracelets get the chance to be a part of. Seeing girls from all over the world rocking Made by Mel's bracelets at the beach or even at a formal event gives the greatest feeling.

Charms for Women

I hope you get to find your new favorite bracelet in my designs and I hope that the meaningful stones and charms used in every bracelet speak to you dearly. Don't forget to share your pictures with me on social media, I will love you forever!

Beaded Bracelets for women